Are these guys even serious?

Thanks to KalebNation , I saw this an hour ago:

Example 1:

What is more evil, Harry Potter or Twilight?

I mean, they are both dreadful devices for controlling the minds of our youth, but which is more effective in implanting evil thoughts into their minds?

People who read Harry potter automatically become gay satanists (dumbledore anyone??) but people who read twilight become pale and drink blood. Now, the Koran and Bible both both imply that gay satanism is wrong, but they are very clear that becoming pale blood drinkers is just as, if not more, evil. I also suspect that sparkling in sunlight is a sign of being on drugs.

The world would be a safer place if today's youth started reading the autobiographical works of Al Gore instead.
Which is more evil and mind controlling? Is there room in Guantanamo prison for all readers of Twilight and Harry Potter? If not, could they expand the prison?
Dude, seriously? Gay satanists? People who read Twilight become pale and drink blood?
You clearly haven't met me. I'm really far from being pale, considering I'm Latin, and I'm possibly darker-skinned than you are.

"I also suspect that sparkling in sunlight is a sign of being on drugs." This confirms it. YOU are on drugs, my friend, and are trying to convince yourself otherwise.

Example 2:

“Twilight” – When Did Satan Worship Become OK?

The movie “Twilight” opens this weekend across the country and is expected to do huge business. I don’t know much about the movie but I understand it is based on a series of books written by Stephenie Meyer (who obviously thinks it’s “cool” to spell her first name incorrectly) (a). Anyway, the books and movie appear to be aimed primarily at teenage girls.

So what is the problem? All of the above entertainment is based on the story of a vampire. That’s right, our children will be off in record numbers this weekend to watch a movie about the Sons of Satan! Where are the protests? Where is the outrage from national and local community organizers and the good church folk of this country? Why is there nary a whisper about this obvious attempt to brainwash our children to follow and embrace a dark world where people drink blood and have promiscuous sex (b)?

When Harry Potter came out, the books were banned and there were protests everywhere. Rightfully so! Wizards and sorcerers are also disciples of Satan and can seriously screw up our kids heads (c). However, vampires are a significantly worse force since they are 100% evil and actually have the blood of “The Dark One” coursing through their veins. Plus, they are much more sexually active than Harry Potter ever was. (He still hasn’t got some from Hermione) (d).

Parents, wake up! Would you let your teenagers smoke the crack pipe at home or participate in group sex on the living room couch? I didn’t think so. You must step up at this time of crisis and save your young ones from the sinister clutches of Satan. If your kids have already read the books, it may be too late. I believe your best bet, at this point, would be to schedule an exorcism as soon as possible. At the very least, hold their head under water until bubbles stop coming up. (That’s the old school method). (e)

However, if they do see this movie, there will be no turning back. My “inside” sources tell me that the movie industry (headed up by Satanic Jews) has put invisible vampire blood on each ticket stub. As soon as your love one touches the stub, they will be in a trance. Then, after they watch the movie, they will be fully transformed into a Satanic Army. The new title of this group will be Knights In Satan’s Service…or KISS. (f)

Don’t say you haven’t been warned. And churches of America, shame on you for being silent on this one. Your apathy is going to lead directly to an era of vampire worship. Wow, and you thought the gays were bad. Just wait until you see what the vampires are like. Jesus help us all.

a) Um, I seriously don't really know how to react to that, other than: WTF man? You really think she spells her name incorrectly, on purpose? *shakes head*

b) Did you even read the books? Because if you had, you'd know what a gentleman Edward really is.

c) LOL, Wizards and Sorceresses, Kids of Satan? I'm starting to believe you've wrote this on purpose, just so everyone could talk about you.

d) (He still hasn’t got some from Hermione) My God! You're mind is tainted, and then you point your finger at us? *slapping hand over forehead* LMAO, I seriously think now that you did read HP and are only trying to get us to talk shit about you.

e) Exorcism? Come on! Stop it! I cannot stop laughing!!!

f) I love that! Priceless.

It's clear to me that this guy doesn't even mean what he says, but is just trying to piss us all off. Or make us laugh uncontrollably.

But what does puzzle me are the comments he got.
Such as:

  1. Sean Says:

    Tannerleah [author of the post] your such a weiner, this one really made me laugh so bad!!! hahahahahahahahaha youre crazy, do you even have evidence of a vampires’ existance, don’t be ridiculous. No one knows if they exist or not, there are many things on this earth that the bible dont even mention or make reference to, what makes u think ull turn a vampire? u must real crazy!!!!!! and I love God!, but seriously dude u need help. Exorcism? what the heck? Do you want to kill a kid by putting him under water??!! You dont have to exorcise noone to take something bad off them, you just have to say so and believe it in your heart, in jesus name. No need for holy water or whatever the heck plp use nowdays. And where the heck in the bible says that vampires are the sons of Satan? or thet magicians and the other stuff u mentioned are sons of the devil? man do u even read the bible??? and since when the term satanic jew become something meanful….you are whether a jew or satanic………And plz plz plz before speaking knowingly read the darn books! theres no sex or reference to, and no such thing as worshiping any devil.

    And let me tell u, youre this kinda guy who looks the 5th cats paw, when theres really four of them, dont look further your knowledge because solomon fell on that one!!! and dude its not the dark one, its the cold one, it has nothing to do with the enemy! and never say its too late when you have Gods help, its never too late when its for our good….. bless u and drop it already

    • tannerleah Says:

      Dammit Sean, I see that you have fallen under the spell as well. Well, the Prince of Darkness is a pretty powerful dude. If you won’t do an exorcism, at least get out your Ouija board and ask to speak to Bela Lugosi. He thought it was a joke until he was consumed by vampires. (Ironic since he played one in a movie, don’t you think?)

      I am just trying to help people out. I have plenty of wooden spikes and garlic so I am good to go. For those of you that have not been infected like Sean has, hang in there.


hahaha!! WTF!! Twilight is not satanic in ANY way at all. Its purely about true love!

and that shit story about the invincible vampire blood on the movie tickets is ABSOLUTE CRAP!!

beleive what you want to but,

the fact is

twilight is a masterpiece

  • tannerleah Says:

    Pure love between vampires? No such thing. Grab the nearest cross you can and pray with all of your might. You still have a chance!!!

I think I might have to bow to Tannerleah, who's proven to have the ability to make people angry for no reason (it's later said that he was just being extremely sarcastic. Or is he a she? idk), and for making us read his post! Had you talked about Twilight like it was the book of the century, I'm sure no one would have read your blog post, man. Woman. Whatever.

ps: I do think the first guy WAS being serious. Man, they have got to stop attacking books for no reason! Read the books instead of making assumptions!


Evolution: For better or for worse?

There's been quite a lot of discussion regarding the humans' and vampires' evolution, from Twilight to the upcoming Eclipse (is it June 30th yet? no? :´(), on the net, and I'd like to share my thoughts about this whole thing too.



Twilight look: really good, I could definitely see Bella in there somewhere, lol.
New Moon look: how did she get so old so fast? it's only been a few months since Twilight!
Oh, she's not actually Bella, I remember now. well, it does look like her. way better than her look in Twilight. still keeping the pale skin, good, and they touched up her hair, with bronze or something. maybe she wanted to match Edward? she looks years older, but it's a nice change.
Eclipse look: Kristen definitely looks her age here, and Bella's supposed to be 18.
I'm loving her new wardrobe, from the stills I've seen.

Evolution: Better!

Twilight look: nope. i did like him, but it wasn't like, OMG Edwaaaaaaaaaaard!
it was like, OK, so you're Edward? gimme my money back!
the only times I thought his look was well delivered was when he wore his grey coat.
(we're only talking about looks and wardrobe here)
New Moon look: YAY! this was the Edward I was hoping to see! love the eyes, skin (the diamond effect was beautiful *tear*), and his clothes really reflected his emotions. I would have liked to see him without chest hair, though.
Eclipse look: maybe this isn't the greatest of pics to judge his look. I do like the change in wardrobe (V-necked sweater!!!). overall, it looks good.

Evolution: Result to be determined.


Twilight look: it was... good. not really good, but nice.
New Moon look: this Jasper could really use with a hair cut. I'm liking his curls, but there's a limit. he looks like a damn sheep! specially in the let's-bite-Bella scene, where they bounce. not a really favouring look, Jackson.
Eclipse look: Jasper on crack! what's with his hair getting longer? maybe it's Jasmine now? Alice, control your man!

Evolution: Worse!
(And it's a damn shame, cause Jackson's a really good looking fella)

Twilight look: really fake wig ahoy! at first sight, it kinda looks like it's her hair, but up close, you can tell it isn't. liked her outfits in Twilight, it lacked something, but hey were ok.
New Moon look: better hair! loved the way it wasn't on end when she goes back to see Bella.
But... wft were the wardrobe people on when they chose her Volturi-scene dress?? it looked like something someone old, someone who actually looks old, would wear. it was really out of character, to me Alice wouldn't have been caught dead (you get what I mean) in that.
Eclipse look: I like how they kept her chocker -I believe that's it's name- and her hair is so much more elegant, this is how I saw Alice in my head when reading the books.

Evolution: Better!

Twilight look: I wasn't that convinced. I liked Nikki, but not her outfits nor hair. to me, Rosalie was always a very elegant, very aware of her wardrobe character, with her background and all, but I wasn't in love with this look. New Moon look: this is more like it! love the eyes, hair, clothes, everything! Eclipse look: updated Rosalie! i like this battle outfit, the hair-do is really like her, but there's a problem here: her sweat. vampires do not sweat! lol, I'm sure this'll be taken care of, but of course, I'll be looking out for this moment when watching the movie.

Evolution: Better!

Twilight look: where are his curls? i missed those. he looks a bit like a frat boy in this pic.
New Moon look: bye, bye monkey man; hello papa bear! he's huge! just like Em's supposed to be. I can't wait to see BD, and see his ass getting kicked by vampire-Bella! lol
Eclipse look: not liking the hair. the eyes are so much better, though.
also, there seems to be a tendency to dress him in grey. I'd like to see him in other colours that reflect his playful spirit.

Evolution: Result to be determined.


Twilight look: could have been better with a little more paleness
New Moon look: Yes! loved it. So elegant, and very Esme-y. notice the purple shirt in picture 1, and the purple dress in pic 2. I wonder if they did it on purpose, it is a piece very similar in colour and style. loved her dress in NM, btw. kudos to the head of wardrobe (real job? i'm just inventing this, could be right, idk)
Eclipse look: ok, that pic doesn't favour you at all Elizabeth. basically, it's the same as in NM, they've changed her hair style back to the way it was in Twilight, which is only appropiate, since she's getting ready to fight, as opposed to in NM, when she was at home/in Bella's bday party.

Evolution: Result to be determined.


Twilight look: very well done
New Moon look: same as Twilight look, eyes more golden. loved his wardrobe here. very like him.
Eclipse look: is it the same man? did someone throw bleach on your hair, Peter?
not liking it... but I can't really judge his looks based on this pic alone, so:

Evolution: Result to be determined.

No wolves, but maybe next time.


Dissecting Pics and Funnies, Take 1

these are just some pics that i found in Twilandia.
i wanted to share my thoughts about them with you, so:
this is what would have happened if Bella hadn't decided to go cliff diving.

i really like her dress, and i'm assuming it is her -not some photo with her head stuck in it- because of her black bracelets.
it doesn't look fake, but i might be wrong.
also, check out that necklace with the B.
and i think i can see that grey hair that charlie said he'd seen at the beginning of NM.

i bet there are women who'll wear this to the Eclipse premiere.
no offence, ladies.
i feel sorry for rob, though. Edward will remain with him until the end of time.

i just farted.
but i know you know you love me.

that hat is freakin' hilarious!
yeah, i'm just standing here, getting a gazillion pictures taken, flashes blinding me,
but it's fine.
cause i get to make out with my boyfriend and i still get paid for it!

love her look here, but those shoes... maybe she wanted to match the background?

luna nueva! :D ->that's spanish -> argentina = spanish language = my mother tongue.
i wonder if that's in spain, though?

yeah bitch, i'm Edward-fucking-Cullen, and i sparkle!
you got a problem with that?

the Edward doll.
it doesn't even look like him!

ohh hai.
this is... disturbing.
i know what Bella's belly's supposed to look like when she's pregnant, all bruise-y and stuff,
but to find that someone actually went through the trouble of making this...
it reminds me of Alien.

happy last hour of Thursday,


Eclipse Premieres on June 30th in Argentina!

* Argentina June 30, 2010 *


How did I not know this?
What an awful Twilighter am I!
Here I was, thinking I'd have to wait until November to see the film. By the way, where the hell did I read it was going to be released in November?
I'm definitely buying tickets two weeks before the premiere. My friend Victoria is going to die when I tell her!

I'll "cover" = write a blog post about it afterwards, the Argentine premiere. Living in one of the most important and biggest cities in Arg. has its perks. I think people will think I'm a bit crazy, but I don't mind.

I'll tell you all about the Twilight Mania here in Argentina after June 30th!


Will you buy the paperback edition of The Host, with the Bonus Chapter?

On April 13, author Stephenie Meyer will publish the paperback edition of her best-selling sci-fi book “The Host.” Meyer, the author behind the “Twilight” series of books, will include in the coming version of “The Host” a never-before seen “bonus chapter.”


Stephenie, I love you and all, but I already have The Host (which is sitting on my bookshelf, patiently awating for me), and it was kinda expensive for me, since I live in Argentina and books aren't that cheap here; so I'm really sorry, buy I won't buying this new edition of your book.

But how does it work to those of us that already have the book and can't/have no intention of buying this new edition? Will this chapter be available for us later on her website?
Do you think it's fair that only those people who'll buy this paperback will get this new chapter?

To me, it makes absolutely no difference at all. I don't think this chapter can change the story that much. But I'm curious.

Also, I'm guessing you already know this, but you can read an exclusive mini-excerpt of this new chapter here.

If you're reading this, leave your thoughts, and tell others to come and join the conversation! (meaning: tell others to come and maybe follow my little new blog. This isn't just to gain followers, but to have people to disscuss these matters with.)



Remember Me in Arg

So, I was going to go to the cinema this Thursday 8, to the premiere of Recuérdame here in Argentina, film which I'm sure you've all heard of, unless you've been living under a rock.

But... it's gonna have to wait a few more days cause my friends and I are going -if everything goes well- to see the musical Spring Awakening (Despertar de Primavera) because of my birthday :D Needless to say, those tickets aren't exactly cheap.

So, I'll go see RM next week.

But what really bugs me here is the insane amount of tweets and blog posts saying "OMG, what an ending! I cried my eyes out!" and I feel I already know how it ends. I'll have to see if I'm right after watching the film.

About and Welcome

Hi everyone, I'm Ella, I'm 17 (will be 18 after the 15th!), and I'm a Twihard.

It all started one day, when my friend Deb said that she'd read a book called Twilight and that she'd loved it. I had tons of other stuff to read, so I didn't borrow her book until I learned there was a movie coming out. I hate watching movies without having read the book first.
So I gathered up some money (Books are somewhat expensive here in Argentina. Twilight costed me 52 pesos, something like 10 US dollars. To a 15 year old girl, 52 pesos is a lot of money.) and went to buy Twilight. It was a Friday, and I started reading the book at noon. By that evening I was almost done with it, and I finished it the following morning. When I told Deb I'd read it so fast, she looked at me like I was insane. That's when I got hooked.

But I didn't have any more money to buy New Moon. So, and I'm admiting to this because I know you'll forgive me, I downloaded the rest of the books. I read New Moon in 3 days, Eclipse in 3 days, and started reading Breaking Dawn, when I came up with the money to buy the book. So I finished reading BD with the book in my hands. That one took me about 4 days to finish. So in a little more than a week, I'd read the whole saga.
I, of course, bought the remaining books, NM and Eclipse, and when Stephenie uploaded the partial draft of Midnight Sun to her website, I downloaded it and read it in an evening.

When the movie came out, I was beyond excited. But then I was really disappointed. Twilight is my favourite book from the saga -well, actually, it's a tie between T and E- and I was hoping to see something else. The little things they left out, like Bella's aversion to blood, I really missed them. I really liked the movie, but I think it doesn't do the book justice.

The New Moon movie is way better, to me, anyway, than Twilight. And NM is my least favourite book. There's so much whining from Bella I can take. So I was really upset about this.

Speaking of which: I really do not like Bella. I won't say hate, because that's a strong word, but I really, really don't like her. Stop whining, and complaining about everything! But I guess that's not her fault. And the way she speaks? I won't go into that right now.

There was a time when I said I didn't like Twilight anymore - :O - but then I thought I was overanalising everything, and just decided to let it go and enjoy. Yes, Twilight isn't the greatest work of literature of all time, but it's a highly enjoyable, swoon-worthy book. And Bella's not the reason I like them so much. I think you can imagine who's the real reason.

And while I don't like Bella, I do like Kristen Stewart. I really don't get why some people say they hate her. You can't hate someone you don't know. You can not like someone, but don't you think hate is a rather strong word?
And I don't like those people that say they looooved the movie, and then say they didn't like her performance. Come on, either you like it or you don't. Everyone's entitled to have their opinions, yes, but let's not be hypocrites, people.

So, the reason I started this blog, one more among the billion Twilight-blogs, is because I too have something to say about this whole world, and basically, I'd like to find people with a similar, if not the same, POV I have. And I took advantage of the hype there is these days over the upcoming release of Eclipse.

You won't find the OMG, drooling-over-these-nearly-porn-RPattz/Taylor Lautner/any other male actor-pics posts here. It's cool if you have a blog dedicated to him, but I'll try to post things relevant to why I like Twilight, SM, and the movie cast. (Although, I will reserve the right to make exceptions.)

You will find Ahhh!-Look at these new stills!-Let's analyse them! posts here at Dissecting Twilight.

I hope to find many Twihards in this Twilight-bloggy world, and to make friends to anxiously expect the release of Eclipse with!
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