Dissecting Pics and Funnies, Take 1

these are just some pics that i found in Twilandia.
i wanted to share my thoughts about them with you, so:
this is what would have happened if Bella hadn't decided to go cliff diving.

i really like her dress, and i'm assuming it is her -not some photo with her head stuck in it- because of her black bracelets.
it doesn't look fake, but i might be wrong.
also, check out that necklace with the B.
and i think i can see that grey hair that charlie said he'd seen at the beginning of NM.

i bet there are women who'll wear this to the Eclipse premiere.
no offence, ladies.
i feel sorry for rob, though. Edward will remain with him until the end of time.

i just farted.
but i know you know you love me.

that hat is freakin' hilarious!
yeah, i'm just standing here, getting a gazillion pictures taken, flashes blinding me,
but it's fine.
cause i get to make out with my boyfriend and i still get paid for it!

love her look here, but those shoes... maybe she wanted to match the background?

luna nueva! :D ->that's spanish -> argentina = spanish language = my mother tongue.
i wonder if that's in spain, though?

yeah bitch, i'm Edward-fucking-Cullen, and i sparkle!
you got a problem with that?

the Edward doll.
it doesn't even look like him!

ohh hai.
this is... disturbing.
i know what Bella's belly's supposed to look like when she's pregnant, all bruise-y and stuff,
but to find that someone actually went through the trouble of making this...
it reminds me of Alien.

happy last hour of Thursday,

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