Evolution: For better or for worse?

There's been quite a lot of discussion regarding the humans' and vampires' evolution, from Twilight to the upcoming Eclipse (is it June 30th yet? no? :´(), on the net, and I'd like to share my thoughts about this whole thing too.



Twilight look: really good, I could definitely see Bella in there somewhere, lol.
New Moon look: how did she get so old so fast? it's only been a few months since Twilight!
Oh, she's not actually Bella, I remember now. well, it does look like her. way better than her look in Twilight. still keeping the pale skin, good, and they touched up her hair, with bronze or something. maybe she wanted to match Edward? she looks years older, but it's a nice change.
Eclipse look: Kristen definitely looks her age here, and Bella's supposed to be 18.
I'm loving her new wardrobe, from the stills I've seen.

Evolution: Better!

Twilight look: nope. i did like him, but it wasn't like, OMG Edwaaaaaaaaaaard!
it was like, OK, so you're Edward? gimme my money back!
the only times I thought his look was well delivered was when he wore his grey coat.
(we're only talking about looks and wardrobe here)
New Moon look: YAY! this was the Edward I was hoping to see! love the eyes, skin (the diamond effect was beautiful *tear*), and his clothes really reflected his emotions. I would have liked to see him without chest hair, though.
Eclipse look: maybe this isn't the greatest of pics to judge his look. I do like the change in wardrobe (V-necked sweater!!!). overall, it looks good.

Evolution: Result to be determined.


Twilight look: it was... good. not really good, but nice.
New Moon look: this Jasper could really use with a hair cut. I'm liking his curls, but there's a limit. he looks like a damn sheep! specially in the let's-bite-Bella scene, where they bounce. not a really favouring look, Jackson.
Eclipse look: Jasper on crack! what's with his hair getting longer? maybe it's Jasmine now? Alice, control your man!

Evolution: Worse!
(And it's a damn shame, cause Jackson's a really good looking fella)

Twilight look: really fake wig ahoy! at first sight, it kinda looks like it's her hair, but up close, you can tell it isn't. liked her outfits in Twilight, it lacked something, but hey were ok.
New Moon look: better hair! loved the way it wasn't on end when she goes back to see Bella.
But... wft were the wardrobe people on when they chose her Volturi-scene dress?? it looked like something someone old, someone who actually looks old, would wear. it was really out of character, to me Alice wouldn't have been caught dead (you get what I mean) in that.
Eclipse look: I like how they kept her chocker -I believe that's it's name- and her hair is so much more elegant, this is how I saw Alice in my head when reading the books.

Evolution: Better!

Twilight look: I wasn't that convinced. I liked Nikki, but not her outfits nor hair. to me, Rosalie was always a very elegant, very aware of her wardrobe character, with her background and all, but I wasn't in love with this look. New Moon look: this is more like it! love the eyes, hair, clothes, everything! Eclipse look: updated Rosalie! i like this battle outfit, the hair-do is really like her, but there's a problem here: her sweat. vampires do not sweat! lol, I'm sure this'll be taken care of, but of course, I'll be looking out for this moment when watching the movie.

Evolution: Better!

Twilight look: where are his curls? i missed those. he looks a bit like a frat boy in this pic.
New Moon look: bye, bye monkey man; hello papa bear! he's huge! just like Em's supposed to be. I can't wait to see BD, and see his ass getting kicked by vampire-Bella! lol
Eclipse look: not liking the hair. the eyes are so much better, though.
also, there seems to be a tendency to dress him in grey. I'd like to see him in other colours that reflect his playful spirit.

Evolution: Result to be determined.


Twilight look: could have been better with a little more paleness
New Moon look: Yes! loved it. So elegant, and very Esme-y. notice the purple shirt in picture 1, and the purple dress in pic 2. I wonder if they did it on purpose, it is a piece very similar in colour and style. loved her dress in NM, btw. kudos to the head of wardrobe (real job? i'm just inventing this, could be right, idk)
Eclipse look: ok, that pic doesn't favour you at all Elizabeth. basically, it's the same as in NM, they've changed her hair style back to the way it was in Twilight, which is only appropiate, since she's getting ready to fight, as opposed to in NM, when she was at home/in Bella's bday party.

Evolution: Result to be determined.


Twilight look: very well done
New Moon look: same as Twilight look, eyes more golden. loved his wardrobe here. very like him.
Eclipse look: is it the same man? did someone throw bleach on your hair, Peter?
not liking it... but I can't really judge his looks based on this pic alone, so:

Evolution: Result to be determined.

No wolves, but maybe next time.

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