Eclipse Premieres on June 30th in Argentina!

* Argentina June 30, 2010 *


How did I not know this?
What an awful Twilighter am I!
Here I was, thinking I'd have to wait until November to see the film. By the way, where the hell did I read it was going to be released in November?
I'm definitely buying tickets two weeks before the premiere. My friend Victoria is going to die when I tell her!

I'll "cover" = write a blog post about it afterwards, the Argentine premiere. Living in one of the most important and biggest cities in Arg. has its perks. I think people will think I'm a bit crazy, but I don't mind.

I'll tell you all about the Twilight Mania here in Argentina after June 30th!


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Mrs. Vanquish dijo...

You are not crazy!!!!
I will fly to the US for the Eclipse premiere (I'm from Germany...) and
for the New Moon premiere I spend the whole night on the internet trying to get tickets for the early premiere here!!

If people tell you this they won't think you are crazy, they will think all us Twihards are like this :))

Ella Press dijo...

I meant crazy as in, I'm planning on taking pics to upload along with the post.
And that is so cool that you're flying over to the US, I wish I could *sigh*

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