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Hi everyone, I'm Ella, I'm 17 (will be 18 after the 15th!), and I'm a Twihard.

It all started one day, when my friend Deb said that she'd read a book called Twilight and that she'd loved it. I had tons of other stuff to read, so I didn't borrow her book until I learned there was a movie coming out. I hate watching movies without having read the book first.
So I gathered up some money (Books are somewhat expensive here in Argentina. Twilight costed me 52 pesos, something like 10 US dollars. To a 15 year old girl, 52 pesos is a lot of money.) and went to buy Twilight. It was a Friday, and I started reading the book at noon. By that evening I was almost done with it, and I finished it the following morning. When I told Deb I'd read it so fast, she looked at me like I was insane. That's when I got hooked.

But I didn't have any more money to buy New Moon. So, and I'm admiting to this because I know you'll forgive me, I downloaded the rest of the books. I read New Moon in 3 days, Eclipse in 3 days, and started reading Breaking Dawn, when I came up with the money to buy the book. So I finished reading BD with the book in my hands. That one took me about 4 days to finish. So in a little more than a week, I'd read the whole saga.
I, of course, bought the remaining books, NM and Eclipse, and when Stephenie uploaded the partial draft of Midnight Sun to her website, I downloaded it and read it in an evening.

When the movie came out, I was beyond excited. But then I was really disappointed. Twilight is my favourite book from the saga -well, actually, it's a tie between T and E- and I was hoping to see something else. The little things they left out, like Bella's aversion to blood, I really missed them. I really liked the movie, but I think it doesn't do the book justice.

The New Moon movie is way better, to me, anyway, than Twilight. And NM is my least favourite book. There's so much whining from Bella I can take. So I was really upset about this.

Speaking of which: I really do not like Bella. I won't say hate, because that's a strong word, but I really, really don't like her. Stop whining, and complaining about everything! But I guess that's not her fault. And the way she speaks? I won't go into that right now.

There was a time when I said I didn't like Twilight anymore - :O - but then I thought I was overanalising everything, and just decided to let it go and enjoy. Yes, Twilight isn't the greatest work of literature of all time, but it's a highly enjoyable, swoon-worthy book. And Bella's not the reason I like them so much. I think you can imagine who's the real reason.

And while I don't like Bella, I do like Kristen Stewart. I really don't get why some people say they hate her. You can't hate someone you don't know. You can not like someone, but don't you think hate is a rather strong word?
And I don't like those people that say they looooved the movie, and then say they didn't like her performance. Come on, either you like it or you don't. Everyone's entitled to have their opinions, yes, but let's not be hypocrites, people.

So, the reason I started this blog, one more among the billion Twilight-blogs, is because I too have something to say about this whole world, and basically, I'd like to find people with a similar, if not the same, POV I have. And I took advantage of the hype there is these days over the upcoming release of Eclipse.

You won't find the OMG, drooling-over-these-nearly-porn-RPattz/Taylor Lautner/any other male actor-pics posts here. It's cool if you have a blog dedicated to him, but I'll try to post things relevant to why I like Twilight, SM, and the movie cast. (Although, I will reserve the right to make exceptions.)

You will find Ahhh!-Look at these new stills!-Let's analyse them! posts here at Dissecting Twilight.

I hope to find many Twihards in this Twilight-bloggy world, and to make friends to anxiously expect the release of Eclipse with!

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